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~ SUP Women on Water ~
Looking for a new activity that combines the fitness benefits of the gym, the social aspects of a book club and the relaxation of a spa?  Welcome to SUP women on water, a class taught by women for women.
Sup Woman on Water 9- SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod       Sup Woman on Water 6- SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod

SUP women on water is an opportunity to revisit your childhood, when summer was a time for swimming, laughter, growth, and discovering kindred spirits.  This is a time for YOU, as a Mother, Wife, Partner or Individual to step outside your daily routine and try something new.  Discover the power of "I WILL" and gain strength, confidence & serenity by being on the water and experiencing it's healing qualities.

 Sup Woman on Water 7- SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod       Sup Woman on Water 5- SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod

Our trained female instructors create a comfortable atmosphere that offers something for all ages, skill levels & athletic abilities (even those who consider themselves to be balanced challenged).
Sup Woman on Water 8- SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod   Sup Woman on Water 1- SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod

  • PRICING: INDIVIDUAL SESSON 1.5 hours $60.00
  • GROUP SESSON (2 or More) 1.5 hours $45.00
  • PICTURE & SLIDE SHOW $25.00 
We take pictures during your lesson and format them with music in a slideshow that will be available on DVD. We also provide a disc with all the pictures from your lesson.
WHAT TO WEAR? Bathing suit or water friendly clothes. A hat is always nice during hot days.
SHOULD I WEAR SHOES? NO SHOES REQUIRED – you will get a better feel for the board with bare feet.
WHAT TO BRING: Bathing suit or water friendly clothing, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and some thing to rehydrate
We require all participants to wear personal flotation devices while on the

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Come join us for a day filled with fun, laughter and adventure!
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